We are a lively company.

This is why we are constantly growing: to bring gardens and green spaces to life. Whether they belong to individuals, a company, housing community, hotel or rural hotel.

We have the tools and answers for any space, and experience in all types of gardening and garden maintenance projects in Mallorca.

If you need to make the most of your garden, turn an outdoor space into a beautiful, bespoke garden, or rely on a team to take care of its maintenance, do not hesitate to leave it in the best hands: JARDINS LLEVANT.

In the best hands

Our services

Garden maintenance in Mallorca
When is a garden completed? If it is living, never!
Garden construction
Shall we build your garden? At JARDINS LLEVANT, we are specialists in the construction of gardens in Mallorca.
Landscaping in Mallorca
What if you have a garden and do not know it? We are experts in landscaping and decorating gardens.
Spraying your garden
Prevention and cure: phytosanitary treatments
Irrigation system installation
We make sure everything flows. We take care of your garden.
Pruning in Mallorca
Cutting to the chase. Specialists in pruning services.
Transport of materials
Services on wheels. Large fleet of different vehicles and trailers.
Emergency services
S.O.S Pests, pruning of high branches that are dangerous...

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